Erie and Champlain Canals

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Champlain Canal Lock 1 in 2017
Image of Lock 1 on the Champlain Canal in 2017.

Lock 2 Waterford Barge Canal 1917
Image of the opening of the barge canal at Waterford's Lock 2 in 1917.

Erie Canal at Crescent
Photograph of 3 horses pulling 2 canal boats along a towpath in Crescent.

Lock 21 Rexford
Aerial photograph of lock 21 at Rexford

Canal Store Lock 19 Vischer Ferry
Photograph of men sitting on the front porch of the canal store at lock 19 in Vischer Ferry, NY.

Rexford Aqueduct
Photograph of the aqueduct at Rexford, NY.

Crescent Aqueduct
Photograph of the aqueduct at Crescent, NY.

Boat going through lock 19
Photograph of a boat going through lock 19 in Vischer Ferry, NY.

Clute's Dry Dock
Photograph of men overlooking the dry dock at Clute's.

Canal store at lock 22, Rexford, NY.
Photograph of the Michael Travis canal store at lock 22 in Rexford, NY.

Greek Revival house
Photograph of a Greek Revival house in Vischer Ferry, NY.

Rexford aqueduct postcard
Color postcard of the aqueduct at Rexford

Rexford aqueduct with mules
Photograph of canal boats pulled by mules having just crossed the Rexford (N. Y.) aqueduct.

Street view of Crescent, NY.
Photograph of the hamlet of Crescent, NY.

Lower Mohawk (Crescent) Aqueduct
Photograph of the Lower Mohawk (Crescent) Aqueduct, c. 1910

Lower Mohawk (Crescent) Aqueduct (HB)
Photograph from the Howard Becker Collection of the Lower Mohawk (Crescent) Aqueduct

Erie Canal Map
Map showing the changes in elevation on the Erie Canal.

Lock 22 Rexford c. 1910
People watching 2 boats go through Lock 22 in Rexford, c. 1910

Canal store at Lock 22 Rexford
Photograph of lock 22 in Rexford and the canal store, which is now the Schenectady Yacht Club

Barge canal at Rexford, NY
Photograph of barges going under the Rexford (NY) bridge

McClane Hotel
Photograph of the McClane Hotel in Rexford, NY.

Passengers going through lock 22, Rexford, NY
Photograph of passengers on the deck of a canal boat going through lock 22 in Rexford, NY.

Crescent Post Office
Photograph of a woman and a girl on the front step of the Crescent (NY) post office

Easton & Albert canal boat
Photograph of canal boat owned by Andrew Elliott, John Scherer's great-great-grandfather

Audio file of John Woodin (in 1975) describing how his grandfather, his father, and he spanned the life of the Erie Canal.

Audio file of John Woodin (1975) describing how his grandfather got paid by canal boatmen to fight their way through the locks.

John Woodin (1975) describing how his family was compensated for taking care of canal boat wheelhouses in the summer.

John Woodin (1975) describes how he would let boats through Lock 19.

Willard Van Vranken recounts to John Scherer how transients would mark the farm bridges along the canals to communicate where fellow itinerants could get a good meal.

Willard Van Vranken tells John Scherer what the canal boats carried and how the canallers would call, "Low bridge! Everybody down!"

Justice of the Peace document
Document from Justice of the Peace John Witbeck Van Vranken detailing an assault on the canal in October 1866.

Bridge at Clute's Dry Dock
Image of the bridge going over the Erie Canal at Clute's Dry Dock

Crescent Aqueduct making a turn
Image from level of Crescent Aqueduct. A canal boat is visible on the right, approaching the curve.

Champlain Canal Trail sign
Image of the sign at the trail head of the Champlain Canal path in Halfmoon

Champlain Canal path
Image of the path along the Champlain Canal in Halfmoon, with the top of the stonework wall even with the path on the left

Champlain Canal weir
Image of the path along the Champlain Canal in Halfmoon, near the weir

Clute's Dry Dock stonework
Image of the stonework of the entrance to Clute's Dry Dock off the old canal

Clute's Dry Dock information sign
Image of informational sign at Clute's Dry Dock

Crescent Park sign
Image of one side of the three-sided sign at Crescent Park in Halfmoon

Vischer Ferry preserve entrance
Image of the entrance to the AC Stevens Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve

Whipple Bridge at Vischer Ferry
Image of the Whipple Bridge at the Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve in Clifton Park

Floating dock at Clute's Dry Dock
Image of the floating dock at Clute's Dry Dock on Riverview Road in Clifton Park

Champlain Canal Lock 1
Image of Lock 1 of the Champlain Canal in Halfmoon

Crescent Aqueduct with boats
Image of the aqueduct at Crescent (N.Y.) with canal boats. Towpath is visible on left, pedestrian bridge on right.

Newton Brick Works, Crescent
Image of the Newton Brick Works in Crescent, NY, with the aqueduct visible in the background.

Newton Brick Works canal boat
Image of a canal boat in the Newton Brickyard, Halfmoon, NY

Lock 19 Canal
Image of restored Lock 19 of Erie Canal in Clifton Park, NY, 2017.

Old Champlain Canal Lock
Image of a lock on the old Champlain Canal, with a boat coming through the lock.

Rexford Postcard
Postcard of the Rexford Aqueduct
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