Oral History Participants


Oral History Participants


Images of those who participated in this oral history project.

Collection Items

Kathy Adam Browne
Photograph of former library Assistant Director Kathy Adam Browne

Cliff Bueno
Photograph of Cliff Bueno, Board of Trustees Expansion Committee Co-Chair (2003-2004), President (2010).

Ann Cocca
Photo of Ann Cocca, in charge of public relations at the Library

Bill Connor
Photograph of library architect Bill Connor.

Debbie Curto
Photograph of Debbie Curto, Board of Trustees Expansion Committee Co-Chair (2003-2004).

Ken DeCerce
Image of Ken DeCerce, Town of Halfmoon Supervisor (2000-2007)

Judy Gerwitz
Photograph of longtime Library staff member Judy Gerwitz

Dave Golden
Photograph of former Board of Trustees Spokesperson Dave Golden

Daphne Jordan
Photograph of Daphne Jordan, Board of Trustees Treasurer (2004-2005).

Janet Kreason
Photo of Youth Services Librarian Janet Kreason

Jo Piracci
Photograph of former Library Director Jo Piracci (Director, mid-1980s-2008).

Jo Anne Robbins
Photograph of Jo Anne Robbins, longtime Friend of the library.

Cindy Robertson
Photograph of youth services librarian Cindy Robertson.

Ed Rodger
Photograph of Ed Rodger, Board of Trustees President (2000-2001).

Christene Thurston
Photograph of Christene Thurston, Board of Trustees Treasurer (2002-2003), President (2004-2006).

Joe Conroy
Image of Joe Conroy, consultant to the Library
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