Friends of the Library Get Out the Vote

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A group spearheaded by Debbie Curto, Joe Conroy, and Jo Anne Robbins of the Friends of the Library mounted a Get Out the Vote campaign in the summer of 2004. They produced T-shirts and posters with a LEARN logo: "Library Expansion: A Real Necessity." Listen as Board of Trustees Chair Christene Thurston and Board of Trustees members Cliff Bueno and Ed Rodger describe the Friends' commitment and efforts.

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Friends wrote letters to the editors of area newspapers, Board members spoke at in-home discussion sessions. The group printed flyers of concrete information. Finally, a full-page ad was put in the Community News just before the vote. (Listen to former Library Assistant Director Kathy Adam Browne talk to librarian Gail Winters about the Friends' campaign.) And the referendum, held at a spacious nearby mall on September 16, 2004, for a 55,000-square-foot building on Moe Road, was successful! The vote passed by a comfortable margin: 3,782 to 3,553. Those who waited for the announcement of the vote results were not disappointed.


Longtime Friend of the Library Jo Anne Robbins was instrumental in the success of the Friends' Get Out the Vote campaign. Here she tells librarian Tenaya Bannon a bit about all of the efforts on the part of the Friends to make the second vote a success.

We were certainly blessed with having the best people possible here at the time.

-Jo Piracci

A Second Proposal
Friends of the Library Get Out the Vote